Elbe-Elster region: We love to sing

During the last 20 years the Elbe-Elster district administration and its office for cultural affairs have been actively developing and establishing cultural key features within the framework of the cultural development strategy of Brandenburg. Singing is one of these four regional key features, all of them deeply rooted in the history of the district and very close to its inhabitants’ everyday life. They do not only provide a unique regional profile but give additional impulses for the development of cultural tourism in this area.

Finsterwalde is called „Singers‘ town“. The title derives from the well-known song “We are the singers of Finsterwalde”, a vaudeville ditty composed in 1899. The museum in Finsterwalde shows a detailed history of this song as well as the story of collective singing and choirs in Germany from medieval times until today. Visitors may experience the history of singing with the help of many sound samples and artifacts. 

Additionally, singing still plays an important part of everyday life in the district. In Elbe-Elster you can find the highest number of choir memberships in relation to inhabitants in all districts of Brandenburg. Vocal training in Jazz and pop music at the district conservatory meets highest standards. Among the 30 students admitted to professional vocal training at German universities every year almost always is a pupil from our regional conservatory. The exemplary work of the conservatory contributes the groundwork for the competition for the “Finsterwalder Sänger” which has taken place biennially since 2002.

Organized by Sparkassenstiftung
„Zukunft Elbe-Elster-Land“ in co-operation with
the city council of Finsterwalde and the office for
cultural activities of the district Elbe-Elster.
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