The stage is set ...

for the 8th Competition in Jazz and pop singing Compete for the "Finsterwalder Sänger" trophy

It’s time again to feel this indescribable sensation, this suspension and the big emotion:  On November 17th and 18th 2017, the 8th International competition in Jazz and pop singing brings singing soloists and vocal ensembles (up to 30 years) from all over Europe to Finsterwalde. Here, they will compete for the trophy of the “Finsterwalder Sänger” and prize money reaching the total of 8,500 Euro. The prize money is awarded by the regional foundation Sparkassenstiftung “Zukunft Elbe-Elster-Land”.

The competition is divided into a regional and an international competition. The regional competition addresses the vocal talents of the district Elbe-Elster. It precedes the International competition and is held on November 16th, starting at 4 pm. On October 19th and 20th, a pre-selection of participants will take place.

The international competition begins on November 17th at 2 pm. The contest addresses musicians from all over Europe, out of which a total of 20 soloists and vocal ensembles will participate. A high performance level is to be expected, since all participants underwent or are still receiving professional vocal training.



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Organized by Sparkassenstiftung
„Zukunft Elbe-Elster-Land“ in co-operation with
the city council of Finsterwalde and the office for
cultural activities of the district Elbe-Elster.
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